lauki k burfi

Bottle gourd fudge

  • Ingredients:

    1 kg bottle gourd
  • 4 tbsp. ghee
  • 250 gm. Sugar
  • 250 gm. Mava
  • 15 cashew nuts
  • ½ tsp. cardamom powder
  • 1 tsp. finely chopped pistachios
  • Method:
  • Peel bottle gourd, cut into long pieces and remove the inner pulp with seeds.
  • Wash the pieces and grate them, put the bottle gourd in a frying pan, put 2 tbsp. ghee cover and allow cooking on a low flame.
  • After some time stir with spoon, cover the pan again cook bottle gourd till it turns soft, put sugar in a soft bottle gourd and cook, water releases from bottle gourd, stir it at regular interval to prevent on sticking at the pan base.
  • Cook bottle gourd till all the water dries up.
  • Add ghee to this cooked bottle gourd then fry properly , put mava and dry fruits cook till it reaches the point where it solidifies.
  • Stick chahni between your finger to see if sticks your finger then turn off the gas, add cardamom powder.
  • Grease the plate with little ghee and put the mixture in the plate , stick chopped pistachios on the fudge.
  • Cut bottle gourd fudge in your desire shapes.
  • lauki k burfi




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